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Financial Education – A Basic Necessity

“Go to school, get good grades and get a good job”; a common and risky approach to life which more often than not ends up in a financial struggle. In my early days I read a book by Robert Kiyosaki titled “Rich Dad Poor Dad” which completely changed my perspective to life. In this book, … Continue reading

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Start-up Companies – Business Plans vs. Business Models

I read an article by Steve Blank in which he suggested that start-up businesses build business models as opposed to the typical business plans. Steve argues that no business plan (in a start-up scenario) survives first contact with customers. He added that a plan is static whereas a business model is dynamic. A business plan is an execution … Continue reading

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From Pseudo-Agile to Waterfall – The path of a small and new software company

It seems to me like most software companies which start-up “in a garage” (the typical start-up place) begin with a pseudo agile approach to software development and then migrate to waterfall as the company grows. It all starts with the sales team which is usually made up of one person who is also the business analyst and possibly … Continue reading

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